Chapter 9

Darkness is.

You wake up in the middle of the night, it is dark. You reach for the switch, but there is no switch, there is no light, there is no electricity. It’s dark, you can’t see your own hand, you don’t know where you are. There is no chance, you will have to sit there, until dawn will come.
You haven’t felt like that since when you were a child. You look around: there are no led lights in the room, no street lights filtering through the window, nothing to help. It took you a misty night in the Khumbu valley to remind you what darkness is.

Being unsure of what to do has been our darkness in the last few days, here in Chhukhung.
Climbing the Island Peak was supposed to be the last step in our acclimatization process, the last bit of our preparation before moving to the Cho Oyu B.C., ready for the climb. Then somebody turned the lights off. The border was shut; we are not welcome in China. We are ready for the Cho Oyu, we can see it – it’s close – but we are not allowed into Tibet.

Then a mysterious hand turns on the main switch again. The border will open on October 8. We’ll reach Base Camp only later than we planned. We will be able to spend less time than we expected on the mountain, but we will be were we planned to be, in the light, with our dreams.

- The Team

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