The North Face® Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc®

Just one short week and a few hours...

Alone, in the clear air and searching sunlight, we are afoot with the quiet gods, and men can know each other and themselves for what they are.

Just one short week and a few hours …. we will be standing together in the Place du Triangle de l’Amitie in the centre of Chamonix. Together and yet each alone. Alone with our own thoughts - our own hopes, expectations, fears and doubts. Excited and yet trepidatious.

People ask how time passes in a long race, but it does. The running becomes almost a moving meditation helping you through the times when you feel great and the times when you feel like you can’t go on. There are moments of camaraderie with your supporters and fellow runners. But there are moments of feeling entirely alone.

In many ways we will be alone up there in the clear air and searching sunlight. Alone in the sense that it is only us that can make our race. No-one but ourselves. That is why in some ways the race is like life. The hours ahead will bring us to know ourselves deeper, to know ourselves for what we are.

Whatever may come, whatever the hours ahead will bring, there is something to remember - race or no race, there is no victory except the joy you are living while you are ‘dancing’ your run. (Fred Rohe in ‘The Zen of Running’)

Run … and find that joy. In the race … and in your life.

- Elizabeth Hawker

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